Tuesday, October 13, 2015

10 ways to get photography inspiration

Go to the movies!

You can get a mental image in your head beforehand of what you are going to be looking for, then as the movie play watch how the director captured emotion in certain scenes, and portrayed characters through body motion and angles.

Pick a new lighting technique!

Instead of putting the focus on the subject, try surrounding the subject in lighting that will make the photo bold and unique.

Look at other photo blogs!

This is a perfect way to get inspired, take in the photographers techniques, style and employ those ideas into your own personal style, but change it up a little so you're not coping someone else ideas.

Go through album covers!

I personally love this idea, especially if you love a particular album and know what that albums message is, get inspired by how the cover art portrays the albums message and sound.

Read a fashion magazine!

A fashion magazine is filled with beautiful composition with purpose, and something for everyone to get inspired by.

Shoot a gorgeous model!

If you shoot your own definition of beauty than its going to be much easier for you to feel comfortable taking great pictures, and it will come more naturally.

Tell a story in 5 pictures!

This idea would be easy if you have an idea already in your head, but you could see something simple happen in everyday life and make it into a story, or it could be more complex like a metaphorical story, get creative!

Take a self portrait!

There's no other way to have complete control over your subject, find good angles or a creative pose.

See an art show!

This is a great resource to tunnel inspiration, it will help you think in a new perspective, talk about the meaning behind the piece with the people around you and think deeper than you normally would.

Shoot for a holiday theme!

Your already in the spirit for the holiday and the theme is already set, so all you have to do is come up with something creative to represent the holiday, almost never fails!

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