Friday, October 2, 2015

My favorite photos that changed the world

 Earthrise; William Anders, 1968

I absolutely love this photo. Apolo 8 was the first mission that put people into the lunar orbit, it was groundbreaking and a first for humanity. Until then no human eye has seen this side of our planet through their own eyes, only pictures spacecrafts took. What makes this image really special is it was not planned to be taken, it was a spear of the moment capture. Photos like this really make you think about how small our existence really is, and other life forms out there see our planet and wonder what it holds. The universe is unexplained, vast, and beautiful.  

V-J Day in Times Square; Alfred Eisenstaedt, 1945

I love this photograph because it perfectly captures the raw emotions human feel. The feeling that really stands out if relief, pure relief. The day victory touched every living American, the war was over, Japan surrendered. The want to share that overwhelming emotion, lead to the sailor grabbing the nurse and creating their own little world for those couple of seconds, a world to celebrate and remember how they felt in this moment. It's simply iconic.

Afghan Girl; Steve McCurry, 1984

Her eyes captivated the world, the moment you look into them you feel something. A strong understanding of the hardship in her life, without even knowing the details. It's the leather texture of her skin, the way her jaw seems clenched shows anger she has towards the stranger taking a photo of her. The way her eyes are a sea of green that make you want to know her story, and what shes thinking in this moment.

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