Thursday, December 3, 2015

13 Camera settings every beginner needs to know

1.) Setting the exposure using the histogram

The best way to tell if your exposure is correct is by looking at the histogram.

2.) Raw

Shooting a raw image gives you access to full use/ capacity of your camera.

3.) Selecting focusing points manually

It will increase focusing accuracy and reduce missing important shots.

4.) Learn af modes

Most modern cameras come with advanced af systems that will help your photographing skills if learned.

5.) Aperture priority

Having complete control over aperture means having complete control over field and depth.

6.) Shutter priority

Give you complete control over shutter speed while making all the other automatically, according to selected value.

7.) Control motion blur

Motion blur comes from using shutter speed too slow for a free image taken with a camera in hands. Learn what the lowest speed is for you.

8.) Manual white balance

Learn each white balance setting for different lights.

9.) Drive modes

CL if for shooting portrait type pictures, CH is a shooting mode for sports or fast moving subjects.

10.) Metering modes

The best way to master metering modes is to read the camera manual, its different names for different manufacturers.

11.) ISO

Lower ISO levels is used when there's a lot of light, higher levels of ISO is used when there's not a lot of light.

12.) Auto- ISO

This will help you with hand held pictures, it will increase or decrease the value allowing you to shoot with shutter speed fast enough for hand held operation.

13.) Manual exposure

Full manual control is important to know if you want full access to all your cameras settings and potential.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

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